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Karl Scheidegger

Fisheries Biologist, Artist, Graphic Designer

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FISH.......their graceful movements and splendid colors have intrigued human kind for centuries and myself for over four decades. Educated with an advanced degree in fisheries biology from Auburn University in Alabama and employed as a fisheries biologist by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, I've let my professional knowledge and deep interest in ichthyology foster my piscatorial creativity. My "ichthyart" or fish art has generated a considerable amount of interest from professional biologists, anglers, and wildlife art collectors.

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I've had a fascination with fish for some time. I believe this fascination allows me to portray fish in works of art that accurately depict underwater, frozen, moments-in-time. Regardless of the medium (painting, prints, sculptures, etc.), I strive for realism. It is my hope that my art will provide the viewer with an insightful and educational glimpse into the miraculous underwater world.

Karl Scheidegger

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